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June 01, 2005 SuperPIM 1.94 Released!
COOL & Strongly recommended!
June 25, 2004  SuperPIM-SyncBuddy Released.
Now it's extremely easy to import comtacts from Windows Address Book (i.e. Outlook Express Address Book) or Outlook 2000, and no information will be lost!
What's more, it is all GREEN and FREE!

New features in version 1.94
Defines a new file type - Person file, and supports exporting/importing Person files.
Enhances the funcion of group emailing significantly.
Supports importing/exporting rtf/txt files for Notes.

New features in version 1.81
Supports Virtual Contacts(or the shortcuts of contacts), which will enable you to organize one contact in different catalogs.
Supports batch modification of contacts, that is ,you can modify multiple contacts at one time. The drag-drop feature makes it magically convenient.
Supports showing all contacts (including indirect subitems) in a group in the list view.
Enhances the functions of notebook (e.g. strike, hilight, superscript, subscript, read-only enabled, auto URL detection), and fixes some bugs for edting notebooks.
Supports more accelerators.
Speeds up file I/O operation remarkably, making saving/opening files much more quickly.
Beautifies contact portrait icons and other program icons.
Supports searching for groups.
Fixes a number of bugs of the functions of searching for contacts/groups.
Supports changing the order of values of contact fields.
Many other bugs fixed and UI optimized.

SuperPIM is now popular on CNet Download.com & ZDNet!
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Super-PIM, the world-class PIM & communication software
Super-PIM software is a professional personal information manager (PIM) and communication software. It gives you the best way to manage your Contact and communicate with your contacts. It also gives you the easy way to storage and find many information. Over time, you will find SuperPIM really a super PIM and a powerful communication tool!

Why wait? If you are looking for the BEST PIM software or messaging tool, at home or at work, this is it! Give it a try for yourself - we recommend it hightly!
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Take a glance to see how cool SuperPIM looks like!
Browse Contacts (1)
Browse Contacts (2)
Edit a Contact
Browse Contacts (3)
Browse Messages
Edit a Note
View Calendar
View Information

Why Do I Choose SuperPIM?
Outstanding Contacts Management
Provides plenty of fields to storage contacts' information, such as email addresses, home and work addresses, phone and fax numbers, individual and business Internet addresses, etc. You can also link directory to them from your Contacts.
Furthermore, such contacts' fields like email addresses, phone numbers, Internet addresses and so on can hold any number of values respectively (That is, if a contact has 10 email addresses, those email addresses can be stored in a single field. How conveniently!).
You can create groups to organize large of Contacts. You can even build Tree Structure to organize your contacts easily. You can also Drag & Drop contacts or Copy - Paste contacts as you do in Windows explorer.
Provides variety of views to browse or edit contacts conveniently.
You can select a group of contacts and then send them emails simultaneously. Maybe it's the quickest way to send mails to a group of contacts so far.

Powerful Messages Management
Variety kinds of messages supported. Two kinds of messages are currently supported: Internet instant message and mobile short message (upcoming). And other kinds of messages will be supported in later versions. All messages are handled in the same way, and they can been converted to another kind of message easily.
Provides wonderful windows to manage messages as you do in popular Mail Agent programs.
Multi-Senders supported. Every sender has its own access and information.
You can create custom message boxes to organize large of messages. You can even build Tree Structure to organize your messages easily. You can also Drag & Drop messages or Copy - Paste messages as you do in Windows explorer.
Messages can be stored both in senders' boxes and contacts' boxes. They can also be transferred from one box to another box easily.
You can browse all messages sent (received) to (from) a contact in a window.
You can send a message to any number of contacts simultaneously.
Messages bank is supported, so you can select text from the messages bank instead of keyboard-input. Moreover, the messages bank can be customized just by file & directory operation in Windows explorer.

Wonderful Notepad
Notes are well organized in a tree structure.
Rich text supported.
Compound Documents supported. You can store any object (e.g. Microsoft Word objects, Microsoft Excel Objects, pictures) into a notebook file.

Abundant Information Bank
Some useful information such as Zip/Area Codes, Metrology, World City and so on are predefined to look up quickly.
You can easily extend or modify the information. Simple script supported.
Tree Structure is supported to organize your information easily.
You can link directory to any URLs.

Other Features
Calendar supported.
Windows XP Style supported.
You can let the program open a list of Contacts files or Sender files automatically when startup.
Multi-Documents supported, in a single view.
Background images supported in most windows.
Low memory consuming. Multiple documents share the same view.
High speed.

The Contacts Management is so powerful that you can use the Contacts file(s) to storage any number of URLs in place of Windows' Favorites. As you can find, it's no wonder a much better way to organize URLs than Windows' Favorites.
You can also take the Contacts files as a place to storage all your lyrics. It's an best idea to organize your music files' linkage and lyrics in the Contacts files.

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